We are computer & laptop repair experts

Computer & Laptop Upgrades and Repair

You name it we will fix it. If it is anything related to computers, PCs, laptops or Macs – anywhere in and around Bonnyrigg. Our range of services include: fixing damaged motherboards, sorting hardware malfunctions, Linux installations, Microsoft Windows installations, performing system upgrades, system configurations, laptop keyboard replacement, laptop screen replacement, laptop water damage, laptop upgrades, laptop overheating, system backups, laptop power replacement and so much more.

Data recovery

Has your hard disk drive malfunctioned, just isn’t working anymore? Need the data that you had on it? We can recover the data from the hard drive and place an exact copy on another hard drive. It doesn’t matter what brand of hard drive or whether your storage device has sustained logical, electrical of physical failure, our success rate is exceptionally high. Once we have recovered your data, it is kept on an encrypted container and nobody will have access to it, nor will we disclose any information found on the storage device.

Data wiping and Hard Disk erasure

Data destruction is one of our specialities – we provide a complete data destruction service anywhere in Bonnyrigg and surrounding areas. Note that you can send us a storage device and we can destroy it so we really offer our services to everyone. Our methods of wiping data is from a variety of sources and then to physical destruction of the hard disk drive. In every data wiping case, you will have peace of mind knowing that any critical data that was once on the storage device can no never be retrieved. A detailed certificate of destruction can also be produced if required.

Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal

Computer viruses can cause such havoc in the workplace and also for a personal computer. Luckily, we are capable of removing any virus, malware, adware, rootkit, spyware, Trojan from your infected pc or laptop. Not only will we remove the virus, we will also secure your system to that it reduces the occurrence of further viruses. There really is no need to buy any antivirus software or similar. We will take care of it for you. Forever roam the internet safely and securely after we have conducted our services it on.

Network setup and configuration

This is an essential step for every computer or laptop owner who has home broadband or even business broadband. Whether it is a single computer, a whole cluster of computers in an office or an industrial set up, we can set up and configure your network correctly. We provide a complete solution from purchasing the equipment to setting up, configuring and securing a network for your home or business. We can set up on either platforms whether it be Linux or Microsoft Windows, the choice is yours.

System installation and configuration

Another essential part of any system is the installation and configuration of software. We provide complete solutions, from complete system re-installations and configurations to upgrading software and then configuring. We are competent working with either Microsoft Windows or Linux. We guarantee that your system will be optimised and secured to the highest of standards. Our highly skilled professionals will take care of any software related installation, upgrade or set up.

Our Partner Companies

Scottsdale Appliance Experts are specialists in computer and appliance repair and server predominantly the state of Arizona from their base in Scottsdale. They are in a totally different part of the world from us and therefore we are happy to promote their website as it doesn't provide competition, moreso a shared interest. With that being said, check them out at their brand new website: http://www.scottsdaleapplianceexperts.com.

Computer Repair Bonnyrigg started life in Bonnyrigg hence the name of the company and the website. We have now branched out into the bigger cities, our first being London! With greater competition but a larger number of potential customers we now serve many more commercial clients up and down the United Kingdom. For more information on our operations south of the border, visit pcmarc.com.